About Us

H L Slimming Point Private Limited is India's largest group of medically supervised slimming and beauty centers. They provide an affordable advice and support on weight loss, facial, hair loss and many other aspects of weight control. The instructors motivate the members and give a good advice to reduce extra fat and in most cases medication helps in suppressing appetite so the person will not feel hungry while they lose weight. Their unique blend of 100% natural ingredients in weitrol capsules will help weight loss, curb appetite, increase your energy and help body to burn fat.

Their scientific and planned approach treats every individual personally, as each client is handled in a different manner depending on his or her specific medical condition and lifestyle. The treatment at H L Slimming Point is based on regulating the metabolism rate. Their branches are located at various parts of Kolkata, Siliguri, Durgapur, Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc.

Hair Life, a trusted and loving name for decades in hair replacement systems to its users of all ages in full service of hair replacement products of extra-ordinary quality offering at a very cheap price compared to any other hair replacement companies. We maintain strict quality control in every sphere of production and pay great importance to customer's taste and requirements. Our motto is to serve our customers to their fullest satisfaction to promote our business and thereby like to play a pioneering role in the filed of non-surgical hair replacement systems.

Consumer Report

They provide good services and they are the best in market. Their skin treatment works very well and the problem does not repeat after the treatment. They also have hair weaving and bonding services and I am sure a lot of people would love to try it. They do give a huge bill which is quite disappointing but since they are the best in the business, customers do not mind spending so much to get treated from the best. I am quite satisfied with their services and they should bring their services to many other locations.

The following is a consumer report of the Weight Loss Centers from H L Slimming Point Private Limited. It contains statistics of consumer complaints, consumer court data, consumer cases, customer criticisms, customer praises, consumer reviews and public interest in general about the product. This consumer report is only applicable to consumers in India.

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