Hair Weaving & Bonding

Hair Weaving & Bonding

Hair Life in its past history of 10 years has satisfied customers being treated here. Our Treatment is 100% free from side effects. We give one year Warrantee on all our products and services.

H.L. offers excellent consultation services throughout all the outlets, strategically located in Calcutta, Bhubenswar, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Dhaka and London. These centers are managed by professionally and medically qualified personnel, highly trained and competent to deliver the most advanced technology and solutions for all persons with hair loss problems.

Get your own hair back, safely, naturally, painlessly and feel better in process! Call today to schedule a consultation for the most natural-looking, ultra-custom and completely undetectable hair replacement systems on the planet.

Making your hair speak again

Balding problems are dealt with Korean hair replacement system where monophilament imported hair is weaved taking care of the skin type that varies from person to person. This side effect free hair weaving and bonding system is non-toxic and there is no constraint in using dye, shampoo, oil or curling the hair.


We use Natural Hair therapy only. Once fixed you can Oil, Shampoo and dry your Hair. Men,stop,counting..hairs.

We're out here, we don't just look at your head, we just don't provide natural hair transplants, we help you look smarter and younger!!

Hair Extention

Hair Extention:

Do you have a desire of having long, beautiful and healthy hair, flowing down your waist? If yes, then the solution is H.L's latest technology of Hair Extension. This is a relatively new technology that is fast catching up in Europe and other parts of the world. With H.L.`s Hair Extension treatment you can have up to 26 inches long hair within a few hours! H.L.'s technique is an extremely high tech method of attachment between the hair extension strand and natural hair. This point of attachment is composed of polymer chains whose molecular structure is very similar to that of human hair. These strands are 100% real human hair. They are selected and matched with your natural colour and texture of your hair.Hair extensions also provides thickness to the existing hair to achieve more volume, they increase the length of your present hair, bring creativity by colouring them in different colours and give you the hair style of your dreams.

Hair Rescue Act

Treat your hair before it falls apart! Regular hair loss will lead to baldness. This is not a scalp-deep problem. Hair loss occurs due to some internal disorders. It can be hormonal malfunction, acidity, constipation or imbalance of blood. H. L. Slimming Point treats these internal disorders with side effect free Ayurvedic medication and treat for scalp rehabilitation to induce blood circulation in the scalp with massage of unique herbal lotion.

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