Obesity is a condition in which there is an excess amount of fat stored in the body. With stressful, sedentary and indulgent lifestyles being the bane of fast paced urban life, obesity is slowly turning into an epidemic. It is not just a superficial cosmetic flaw, but a dangerous health hazard. A host of diseases and disorders such as diabetes, heart problems, arthritis, hypertension, nerval blockage, gallstones and varicose veins are usually associated with obesity.

The H.L. Slimming Point's Treatment provides solutions to obesity-related diseases and disorders in both men and women. What makes H.L. unique in tackling this problem is its scientific approach. An in-depth knowledge of various factors responsible for an individual's health and body fat such as medical status, age, gender, level of energy, diet composition, physical activity, alcohol intake and smoking habits is acquired by our trained team of specialists. In addition, a comprehensive Body Composition Analysis (BCA) makes a significant qualitative and quantitative contribution towards a customised weight management programme.

Our scientific and planned approach treats every individual personally, as each client is handled in a different manner depending on his / her specific medical condition and lifestyle. The treatment here is based on regulating the metabolism rate. We do not resort to crash or formula diets that guarantee instant results. But not without taking its toll. Our prescription is an ayurvedic one. 100 percent natural and without side effects. With an army of ayurvedic doctors and natural treatment therapy as its USP.

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